Sunday, 29 July 2007

Oh No !! This is too embarassing !

I can't really believe this, but for decades I have been using a word that doesn't actually exist !!!
Whenever I wanted to describe selfish narcissism I used the word :
...thinking that it was a perfectly valid word and in the dictionary.
Not only am I very, very wrong; I just googled the world and the only person who has ever used it is ME!!!
If only there was a blanket big enough for me to hide under in my shame....


Mac McLernon said...

Maybe you are confusing the non-word with "ipsative" which is derived from the Latin "for the self" or "Of the self"? - the term is really used in experimental and educational psychology, eg. ipsative assessment being assessment based on comparison with one's own previous attainment

antonia said...

haha! That is funny!

I use my own made-up words all the time!



Mark said...

Not to worry; at least you didn't use a word that existed in the wrong context.

For example, for years I said "a pigment of one's imagination"!