Sunday, 29 July 2007

Oh No !! What have we done!!! A monster !!

I have to confess I'm guilty of letting the side down.

A couple of months ago Richard Dawkins [turn round ,spit and bless yourself three times] was being his usual 'rational,amenable,cordial,coherent' [sic!] self on radio 4's 'Today' programme.

I and a few others started debating the issue, and it became very fervid , intense and frankly quite engrossing - but about four weeks ago it looked like it was fading off , and as I had contracted blood poisoning, developed eye infections and pilonidal cysts - I thought I'd move on to reading my increasing pile of unread von Balthasars and checking out the catholic blog world .

I had a quick return glimpse today at the message board and it's grown like topsy !!! 3584 messages!!! This has to be the biggest thread the BBC have ever had on a non-news issue. It's incredible. I haven't even interacted with it for a month now and for that I apologise to my fellow Theists - am about to dive back in so wish me luck !

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