Thursday, 16 August 2007

And again, merely as a vade mecum..

One of my heated responses during a 'Caritas' and that 'bloody' book discussion - included a photo of cardinal Kung as I felt it appropriate to remember such a man in these times.

I concur wholeheartedly Damian, that the conference of Bishops is a reprehensible travesty [the permission given for the use of 'catholic christianity' in our schoolrooms is scandalous!] - I had a 'polite' barney over a dining table with his Eminence while I was a lowly seminarian and he was bishop of Arundel and Brighton regarding his oecumenical activities [shared tabernacles etc] so am fully aware of what we face .

But my old deceased Bishop Francis Thomas stood up against Peter Stanford with no support from anyone [it ultimately ended up with the futile measure of his cancelling his subscription to the CH- but that was due to fellow episcopal acedia]

I remember the highly orthodox old bishop Gray of Shrewsbury, ignored and ridiculed by fellow bishops and the clerics in his diocese [nicknamed Charlie Laughton or Boss Hogg] and now Northampton has Peter Doyle as Bishop and he's a devout, orthodox "good 'un" in a sea of reprobates....

But how is a bishop supposed to act when clerics and professional laity are hostile , antagonistic and work to their own agenda with the ostensible full support of the conference?

Can a bishop remove heterodox catechetical material from the classroom ?

Cancel anti-catholic RCIA programmes ?

Censure religious retreat centres which are half Buddhist/half Timothy Leary ?

My children have had no catholic instruction since the age of 11 yet vatican two commands every child to be instructed till 16 - and the instruction they did get was celebrating seder meals and Diwali and doing paintings of the Islamic Qa'aba!!! Interspersed with neo-protestant dumbing down of the gospels [every year they painted Zacchaeus up that bloody tree!] - Yet we are purported to have a fully active [and expensive] youth ministry in our diocese - my kids have never seen them !

Bishops are being systematically 'cuckolded' in their dioceses by 'professional' clerics who belong to the infernal 'Inner ring' in this country - the old-boy/girl network which is highly anti-clerical and anti-catholic.I remember being dumbstruck when Pat Jones announced to us that it would be wrong for us to mention the Holy Spirit in confirmation-preparation classes; when 'liturgy expert' mgr 'KM' banned the singing of any communion hymn that referred to the real presence - all had to be meaningless gathering songs.

When a seminary rector turned to a bishop and an american monsignor and declared 'we don't do latin !'

Systematic Theology lecturers who declare there was no bodily resurrection; Moral theology lecturers saying abortion was the responsible good if a mother already had a young child to care for, and that dropping bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki was a 'good in itself'!! - and the Bishops are impotent to prevent this.

Admittedly we have a 'bad lot' who conspire in this heinous misrepresentation of our faith; but we have a 'few good men' abandoned in their episcopacy, receiving naught but antipathy from the conference of bishops; but the same must be said for our priests ! Just look at our collarless inept bunch running the conference of priests - cumulative IQ of rubber plants who couldn't run a bath; let alone a support/pedagogical training system for our clergy.Some of our bishops we have to fight for, not fight against.


Ttony said...

Why don't you stop beating about the bush and tell us what you really think!

I think we are at the nadir: I think we'll be here for as long as it takes to replace Cardinal MO'C with the Pope's choice. And when that happens, things can only get better ...

In the meantime, let's all carry on and try to raise the water table of protest so that the Hierarchy gradually becomes aware that its house, built as it is on sand, is under great threat.

I still think we need a leader, though: someone well known, not a recent convert, with a real personality and presence, and a layman (or woman).

White Stone Name Seeker said...

We do need a leader-but those who are obvious candidates don't seem to want to step up to the plate.

perhaps they all have too much to lose.