Monday, 13 August 2007

Come off it guys please ???

Archdiocese of Liverpool:

St Cecilia's Catholic Primary School;

Headmaster - Mr Charles Coyne

Single ?

Not exactly ; he's just registered a civil partnership with

Mr Richard Jones....

Is he resigning ?

Well, apparently he doesn't feel he has to ; possibly because he is following catholic teaching and leading a chaste , celibate life and his and Mr Jones' relationship is one grounded upon an intimacy which doesn't include any well, um, how would my kids decribe it ? Snoo-snoo ??

But 'gay marriage' is symbolic of something utterly contrary to the unitive and procreative aspects of human lovemaking which are an intrinsic part of the sacrament of Matrimony ; irrespective of any potential 'undivided' love these two have for each other; they are conspiring in a secular activity which demeans and humiliates the life-sharing graces and fully unifying love implicit in marriage - and ostensibly seeks to normalise homosexual sexual acts; which are intrinsically morally disordered.

Now on-the-ground catholicism has real problems with homosexuality : Too many equivocate the condition with the actual homosexual acts and either condemn both through revulsion, or condone both out of misguided sympathy - I have spent many years fighting for chaste, celibate homosexuals to be treated with dignity and love within the church - have spent a lot of time arguing tooth and nail with steadfast right-wingers denouncing every homosexual as a sick perverted deviant destined for hell ; and liberals who think gay sex is an equivalent expression of unifying love as God-graced human lovemaking in marriage and denounce me as homophobic for stating otherwise. I have had many gay friends I adored as brothers, some are clerics , some in high positions of responsibility and authority and their lives aren't easy [I especially ask your prayers for a fellow ex-seminarian who is now h.i.v. + and having a rough time reconciling his faith] and they do require extraordinary pastoral care from the Church , but regrettably some of the only sources of assistance are from renegade anti-Vatican pressure groups that say there's nothing wrong with expressing their sexuality physically with whomsoever they please; we need to do more....

but Mr Coyne has spat in the face of the Church and papal advice ; we can be highly accommodating towards homosexuals within the church and church-related administrations, but to deliberately wilfully defy Church recommendations is to the detriment of every fellow catholic homosexual aspiring to live a life in Christ - he has not been courageous; merely childish; and now Archbishop Kelly has been informed by legal professionals that the church can do absolutely nothing about the situation - he cannot be dismissed. How are the children and local sympathetic/antipathetic catholics going to be informed regarding the definitive pastoral teaching regarding homosexuals when they have this symbolic behemoth thrust upon them ?

Mr Coyne, you've helped nobody....

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