Thursday, 16 August 2007

Merely for posterity...

Anyone remember Peter da Rosa ? ; Neil Boyd of 'Bless me Father' fame ?

Well he wrote disparagingly of the resurgence of the Motu Proprio so here was my response:

You know dude, I remember being in hysterics at the 'bless me father' books as a child, the storm at the summer fete, the burying of the hoover with the alleged host crumbs etc;

but your comments over the past twenty years have made me laugh out loud even more - because bless your ex-clerical blacker than black fuligen socks ; virtually everything you comment on as being wrong with the church reassures me more adamantly how right that ecclesial policy or point of doctrine is !

Certainly I concur wholeheartedly with your vociferous denunciation of clerical abuse cover-ups and the inefficacy of our episcopacy; but your alleged medicinal procurements to alleviate the situation are either abortifacient to any embryonic hope for orthodoxy, or fatal to the ailing health of that aspect of Holy Mother Church and its authentic teaching.

You are fully aware of the constitution on the sacred liturgy 36#1 that commanded [impero] the retention of latin as the Lingua Prima; and that it was Bugnini et al of blessed memory with a hotch-potch assortment of renegades and neo-protestantising reprobates who enforced its virtual abolition outside the canonical books and papal documents - Ottaviani risked his position and virtually his life to ensure the consecration remained valid within the Novus Ordo; yet the bishops who had been so resolute in Rome ; returned home and for the price of a conciliar tin-pot dictatorship within each diocese and province; they rolled over and played dead from the neck-up, eagerly accepting each new innovation, pragmatism or situationist policy that spouted out of Rome [including a few nice new regional liturgical inventions and 'challenging, innovative' doctrinal and moral positions they could publish and increase their nicely flourishing bank balances]

Why do you think the young priests are so in favour of the return of the Extraordinary rite? because they are a bunch of arrogant right-wing closeted camp pseudo-anglo catholics wanting to attire themselves in fancy dress and archaic regalia and lord it over the laity who've 'overstepped their mark and need put back in their place' ?

Among a few lonely confused dissidents maybe - but the vast majority of them are sick of the sacrilege and outright heterodoxy of the past forty years - sick of the chipped ceramics and eagles' wings - sick of the priest being so terrified that a sermon may compromise the parish fund that they haven't said anything controversially radically orthodox and confrontational according to the Gospel since Harold MacMillan was PM.

The majority of the laity are not the 'professional laity' of the chattering classes you consort with; the majority of the young priests coming forward for ordination are no longer willing to be duped into believing that 'all religions are of the same worth and catholicism needs to mould itself into the homogenous mess called oecumenism' ; nor are they ready to accept the theologically inept and doctrinally erroneous diatribes of the sixties and seventies that denied the Incarnation, the resurrection, the ontological difference in holy orders, the real presence or the efficacy of the sacraments.

No longer can some revisionist scripture scholar come along and rewrite the new testament according to his whim and the flavour of the month and have a whole legion of clerics bowing down in acceptance and adulation before him and his challenging 'wisdom' -

NO! Those days are gone.

The hippy guitar-wielding, tambourine shaking,nylon rag wearing clergy abandoned the laity; and the consequences are that the new authentically orthodox laity will not listen to them - they'd rather listen to the authentic message of Christ and the Church via the Gospels and the teaching of that age-old adversary of the Liberals - His Holiness!What a coup eh ?

We radically orthodox traditionalists win on all sides; and why ?

Because the liberal modernising pragmatist situationists spent all their time talking about peace and love and shiny happy group hugs and excusing away all sin while the abandoned laity had to grow up with very little assistance from any of them, no teaching or guidance from the pulpit or the confessional, no shoulder to cry on in the presbytery because the priests were never there, no priest ever visited so they became alienated from the community, isolated, ignorant and uncommunicative - so the catholics had to keep their own personal spiritual houses in order - while tens of thousands of regular catholics around them sunk into despair or were left to the wolves with no pastoral assistance from the church...

Shame on us for allowing it to happen, but more shame on you for supporting it.

Yet now there is a new era on the horizon, what did JPII say ? My Czekamy - we wait ?

Well while the liberal clergy and laity dashed all our hopes to the ground and liturgically danced around them the seeds of opposition were growing - and the eager response of the young to the Motu Proprio is only the beginning [sure most of them have no idea what latin is or how to conjugate the simplest verb - but they can empathise with what screams of the divine and spiritual; and they strive to reclaim what was lost and abandoned - it may seem an era to us who lived through this diabolical travesty ; but forty years is a brief flicker in the history of Holy Mother church - and the young will not be corrupted by our foolish indolent, uncaring ways....

I think this is what we could call 'match point' to His Holiness..


White Stone Name Seeker said...

Peter de Rosa quite frankly has a nerve criticising the abuse scandal. HE was/is part of the problem. It was HIS catechetical materials used in schools that taught people like me - giving is NO IDEA what the Church is, what She teaches and more importantly we were left with NO IDEA about sin.
So what did he expect? Does he think that supporting one kind of sexual sin-contraception and all that goes with it-would not lead to others?

I was given some of his books a few years ago when I began a course in Catechesis. Remembering them from school I had a read.
I have binned them-well recycled. Usually old books I don't need will go to the local charity shop or library-but I do not want to be responsible for someone picking up this poisonous stuff and believing it.
De Rosa and his ilk have a lot to answer for.

I'm not signed up with Holy Smoke, but I am reading what you say with interest.
No horses heads yet?
God bless

On the side of the angels said...

sic transit gloria mundi - I have spent way too long on there in the past 48's way too addictive.

Philip Andrews said...

I had no idea that he was the Peter de Rosa. You told him where to go very nicely!!