Friday, 24 August 2007

The Nightmare's on it's way...

Take up your cross now!
Sure this is only the methodists in this picture.
But the way things are going ?
Take your stance for orthodoxy now;
fight the tiny things NOW
and the big things will be easy to conquer.

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Rita said...

Last year a friend of mine was ordained into the diaconate. Seated in the congregation at the ordination were a couple of his friends who were Anglican lady vicars. As the Bishop walked down the aisle after the ordination these two ladies bowed very low and very reverently. It almost looked like an involuntary gesture, nobody else bowed as the Bishop went past.

It was one of those weird moments that stick with you as oddly symbolic. Were they inadvertently acknowledging that their ordinations were a sham and the Catholic church is the true Church?.....I'd like to think so.

Women priestly ordinations in the Catholic Church will be fought by every ounce of my being, unless the Pope says otherwise (which he won't!).