Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Pardon My language - but the LYING BASTARDS!!!

The Automated response by Her Majesty's Government regarding the petition to revoke the Abortion Act:

Abortion is a subject on which many people hold very strong and widely differing views. It is accepted Parliamentary practice that proposals for changes in the law on abortion have come from backbench members and that decisions are made on the basis of free votes. The Government has no plans to change the law on abortion.
As Parliament has decided that abortions may lawfully be carried out in the circumstances specified in the Abortion Act 1967 (as amended by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 1990), we believe that facilities for abortion treatment should be available. We also have a responsibility to monitor the provisions of the Act as they are, unless Parliament chooses to amend the law further.
Women seeking a termination for whatever reason must have grounds under the Abortion Act. A pregnancy may be terminated only if two registered medical practitioners are of the opinion that an abortion is justified within the terms of the Act, in the light of their clinical judgement of all the particular circumstances of the individual case.

How many of these millions of abortions were illegal according to the letter of the law ?
Monitoring the provisions of the act ? If it were not so heinously reprehesible it would be laughable that they could think anyone believes this - we are all fully aware that abortion on demand is available to anyone .
Lies...More Lies...and still the silent genocide continues unabated....


Philip Andrews said...

Think of the worst exceses in the worst 'slasher' horror films and you still don't come anywhere close to the evil that happens in abortion clinics.

White Stone Name Seeker said...

Catholic America does it so much better than we do. They have EWTN, Catholic radio stations like Ave Maria, Relevant etc and they fight this stuff. They let people know about the abortion mills, partial birth abortion and have made head way because of it.
The silence in this country would be enough to make you think it wasn't happening here.
If I didn't have to pass a mill on my way to church each Sunday-I think I could easily forget it was happening.
Well that and all the poor women in my life eho are forever wounded by their abortions.

Anonymous said...

Speaking as an American, it's probably just as easy to forget it's happening. Sure we have the yearly March for Life in Washington D.C. and we can protest abortion so many feet from the abortion clinic before the clinic calls the police on us. I suppose freedom of speech is something easily taken for granted. But I also do want to encourage you with a success story: From the time I was a child in elementary school, there was an abortion doctor in my town that my family and one other family protested on the street corner so many feet from the clinic. For years we protested in quiet prayer every Friday in the snow, the rain, the sleet, and when God willed, sunshine for 3 hours. (Of course, someone from the church would always check on us youngsters with hot cocoa, tea, and some sort of snack.) People of the town didn't care for our message-many times they shouted profanities. I even remember having a glass bottle chucked at my head (keep in mind that I was in elementary school at most). Then, inexplicably one day, the abortion doctor came outside to tell us that he gave up the practice of abortions because there was no longer a market for it in our town. We won- two little families. To this day, there is no abortion doctor in our town.