Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Re: Silence regarding Yesterday's Saint

I was all ready to post some prayers/bio of St Ignatius of Loyola

but then I thought twice.

Perhaps that's the Job of the Jesuits ?

{I thought maybe a little quiet reflection might become infectious; and they'd get the hint regarding some of their more vociferous members' political agenda; which has very little to do with the message of either their founder or indeed of Holy Mother Church}

I read Malachi Martin's 'The Jesuits' a few years ago ; and yes sure, it needs to be read with pinch of salt, as do all his works; but some of the evidence was incontrovertible; and the Jesuits really need to get their act together ; especialy the devout, orthodox members who do not make their position clear or voice heard regarding their brothers' misdemeanours. Yes I know, some of the best contemporary clergy are Jesuits; and throughout the Church's history the actions of the Jesuits have shone out like a beacon of Hope.
It's just at the moment there are too many bad apples....

'O St Ignatius, we ask your intercession for the sons of your order, that they may truly become everything you sought them to be , and more ; and thus be a conduit for the overflowing Graces of Christ through their prayer, their teaching and their actions.'

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