Monday, 13 August 2007

Reminder of Why this site is Dedicated to the Sacred Heart

"We descend from the first to the last, that is, from the fruit, which is glory, to the root of this fair tree, which is the redemption wrought by our Saviour. God's bounty gives glory in succession to merit, merit in succession to charity, charity in succession to penitence, penitence in succession to obedience, obedience in succession to vocation, vocation in succession to our Saviour's redemption. On this last is based that whole mystical ladder…, both at its end in heaven, since it rests upon the loving bosom of the eternal Father…, and at its end on earth, since it is planted in the bosom and the pierced side of our Saviour, who for this cause died upon Mount Calvary."

[St Francis De Sales {Treatise on the Love of God #3} ]

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