Friday, 3 August 2007

Saint of The Day

{ Today we commemorate a man whose memory
has been twisted by others of ill-intent
to an ulterior agenda - may God forgive them }

Bl. Waltheof, Abbot (+ c. 1160)

Waltheof was the second son of Simon, Earl of Huntington; his maternal grandmother, Judith, was a niece of William the Conqueror.
While his older brother Simon played with wooden soldiers,
Waltheof preferred to build churches and monasteries out of the stones in the courtyard;
the two boys followed these inclinations as they grew older.

Their mother Maud, after the death of her husband, married St. David I, king of Scotland, and Waltheof formed an intimate friendship with St. Aelred, master of the royal household.

Leaving the Scottish court as a youth, Waltheof became a canon of St. Augustine, but later, on the advice of St. Aelred, then abbot of Rievaulx, he entered the Cistercian community in Bedfordshire.
Four years after his profession, he was chosen as abbot of Melrose, recently founded on the banks of the Tweed by King David.

Waltheof once went to King Stephen in England about affairs of his community.
His brother Simon, who was present, looked askance at him as he appeared carrying a bundle on his back.
"See how this brother of mine, and cousin of yours, disgraces his family,"
he protested.
"Nay," said the king,
"if we understand what the grace of God is, he does honor to us and all his kindred."

Waltheof died at a great age on 3 August 1160.

We have recovered new life in place of sin, immortality instead of mortality, light in place of darkness. - St. Aelred of Rievaulx



White Stone Name Seeker said...

So this is my son's birthday saint.
Have you ever read Nigel Tranter?
I read his books on David I and Macbeth-liked them at the time but can't remember anything about them now.

I've noticed a lot of distortion of the older British saints by the New Age Celtic kinda Christianity people. Drives me crazy.

God bless

On the side of the angels said...

read loads of nigel tranter but in this regard onmly read the margaret of scotland one...
love him.

I was referring to the aelred of rievaulx connection - the 'gay' christian groups refer to him as one of his lovers; and one of their patrons - sad as there is never anything indicated other than deep filial love.