Thursday, 23 August 2007

Some More Purgatory Puzzles.

Remember Angels always tell the Truth

Demons always lie

Humans can either lie or tell the truth on whim.

5th Stairway

A: I am an Angel

B: I am a Demon

C: B is a Demon

6th Stairway

A: I am an Angel

B: I am a Demon

C: B is not an Angel

7th Stairway

A:I am an Angel

B:I am a Demon

C: A is Human

8th Stairway

A: I am an Angel

B: I am a Demon

C: B is Human

Tougher Purgatory Puzzle :

After climbing the 8th stairway you proceed along a long corridor until you eventually reach a crossroads where there are three entities... after shaking hands with each of them they allow you to pass but as you continue you hear one of them giggling....

Nevertheless you proceed...but the farther you travel the darker it seems to get; eventually you reach into your backpack for your torch [that's flashlight to our american cousins] - but discover it's missing !!! one of the three entities has stolen it!

You begin to run back towards the crossorads but a few seconds before you reach it a huge iron portcullis falls from the ceiling and bars your way....

You shout to the three at the crossroads:

"Give me back my torch!!!"

An angelic voice from above booms loudly:

"These three are deaf mutes and cannot hear you : Only I may guide one to approach you ! You must decide whom to choose and they will return anything to you that they have taken"

You shout upwards

"This isn't fair - how do I know ?"

" Fear Not ! Each will compose a written testimony for you...."

You leap back as three paper-wrapped rocks are launched through the portcullis at you ; and land at your feet....

As promised there are three notes...

But it is so dark you can't read them properly !!!

A: B [or is it C ? I can't tell!!] is innocent . He is also an Angel.

B: A is ....[what ? does that read guilty or innocent ?] . He is also a Demon.

C: A & B are both [??? Does that say Angels or Demons ???]

"This isn't Fair !!! I can't read the notes properly !"

The voice replies "You will know enough if I tell you there are no Humans amongst the three."

Whom do you call over to get the torch ?

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