Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Forty Years...and No Time Off For Good Behaviour!

My Parents [with my elder sister in-between]

They celebrated their Ruby Wedding Anniversary last Sunday.

I'm not exactly the best for picking presents...

But what do you get your parents for a wedding anniversary?

I bought a piece of the berlin wall - but thought they'd throw it at me...

Technically my father is a scottish laird, an austrian count and he owns an acre of the moon so what exactly do you buy someone like that ?

My elder sister and her husband bought them a cut glass ruby-red bowl.

My other sister and her boyfriend bought the commemorative crystal glasses...

So what did Nicky and I buy them ?

Take a wild guess - I bet you'd never guess in a million years...

A lamp-post !!

Yes an olde-fashioned lamp-post !!!

Why ???

I have no idea : but for one fleeting delusional moment I thought it might be a good idea !!! Unfortunately it was the moment I had the debit card on me...

They were polite enough , but I can just imagine my mother at work...

her colleagues asking her what did she get for her anniversary ?

A wide screen lcd tv,roses, orchids, champagne,crystal glasses, a cut-glass bowl...oh,and a lamp-post!!!

I'm a bad son !

1 comment:

WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

That sounds like a lovely gift! It's actually romantic-lighting up lives ;)
Happy Ruby Ann. to your mum and dad.
We have another 20yrs before our kids will be buying us red stuff or lamp posts.

(PS Seen Damian Thompson's piece in the Catholic Herald? I think he has taken your call to arms and sent out the first salvo)