Tuesday, 16 October 2007

He's right of course....

Fr Ray Blake's St Mary Magdalen's blog has yet again come up trumps.

Not with a piece of groundbreaking news, or some new revelation about inter-church politics,

or some newly-published religious literature...rather the Man of God has spoken from the heart again with such an incisive perception of contemporary reality that I'm inclined to back our fellow blogger Carpe Canem in his initiative to recommend him as the successor to Old Crom Cruach as Cardinal Archbishop. I've already said we need a Holy Man of prayer to become our next Cardinal - Fr Ray is this ; and more !
While you're at it , take a quick 'gander' at this:


WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

It looks like it's time to start the 'Father Ray Fan Club' and work towards getting him a red hat, even if he wont wear red shoes. :)
OTOH I wouldn't wish Westminster on him-poor man! What a cross!!

(btw I have tagged you for the Autumn meme- take a look at my blog)

Fr Ray Blake said...

And pigs wil fly - teehee
I must find a skeleton to put in the closet.

Fr Ray Blake said...

Anyone who has been involved in this silliness by mentioning me in conjuction with Westminister can consider themselves tagged for the MEME: "If was the Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster I would....".

So consider yourself tagged!

On the side of the angels said...

Hmmm! Points off for grammar - any reference to 'can't hardly' or ending a negative sentence with an 'I don't think' - and my vote goes to Aidan Nicholls [wink!]