Monday, 8 October 2007

In the mood for a spooky film ?

I can't sleep; and I have work in a few hours so now I dare not fall asleep.....
so I decided to watch a korean horror dvd - the frights might keep me awake...I have about a hundred south east asian films, some have been very hard to collect....

But what do I find?
The whole film is actually on Youtube in 12 parts !!
So while I'm snuggled up under the duvet in the dark ...feel free to share in the scary experience !
Some fellow bloggers might find it a bit non-conducive to catholic sentiments...but then again I've been on some catholic blogs where they've recommended films which I'd rather have a bout of dysentery than ever watch again...
Feel free to watch and have the winkies scared out of you - there's a bit of blood but it's never merely gratuitous ; plus the camerawork is excellent :
here's part one - the rest is easily linked from youtube.

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