Thursday, 11 October 2007

In response to the suggestion that Cardinal George Pell will make an ideal candidate for Archbishop of Westminster

Don't you think before we go on an all-out Pell 'love-in' we should listen to Australians living under the Pell regime ? his liturgical praxis and implementations, the actions of his auxiliaries, the seminary, interviews he has given on relevant issues ? His moral deliberations ?
I love a great deal of what the man says, but how does it work on the ground ?
I am perfectly ready and willing to accept that this man has been a beneficent and 'orthodoxising' influence back home; and should His Holiness choose him everything promoted about him is vindicated - but we need a man in westminster willing to clean out the augean stables ; not whitewash it and spray some air freshener around ; if Pell's the man to do it I will back him to the hilt - but if he's merely going to give a hint of ostensible orthodoxy and moral rectitude to the archbishopric which will obfuscate the underlying heterodox bacchanalia within the conference and the dioceses well he's going to be the last thing we need !
I'm not sceptical, I'm not being overly paranoically suspicious ; but the last thing we need is a glorious summer of delusion and false hope followed by a long winter of disillusionment and regret and a continuance of the 'critical of the establishment' postings this blog [by necessity] exemplifies.
If Pell's a Clem Attlee I'll follow him to the gates of hell and back ; but if he's a Tony Blair I want to know now before the innocent [falsely believing they are protected] are hurt irrevocably...
To be frank : I wanna hear Pell's Shibboleth.


Ttony said...

Try his columns in the Sydnney Daily Telegraph (half way between the Daily Mirror and the Daily Mail).

Philip said...

Words of Wisdom, Paul!

Face value, Pell seems to press all the right buttons; but what his reaction to the diseased Church in E & W will be is anyone's guess.

Maybe I'm being overly-dramatic, but I believe that the next incumbent will either make, or break, the national Church. We need someone who is not going to be afraid of bad publicity and making enemies. One who will call a spade a spade and drop our ecumenical 'co-workers' who ignore the Gospel and actively promote abortion, etc.

While Vinny of Nichols is the best of a bad lot, you've informed the blogosphere of the integrity of the new kid on the block, Bp Doyle. I'm a huge fan of Fr Ray Blake, as well. There are choices to be made from within E & W, but they must be very carefully taken.