Thursday, 25 October 2007

A voice from our past....

You know this is so poignant to what Damian Thompson yearns for: the voice crying in the wilderness; the single person willing to address the whole ridiculous debacle and shatter the collective self-delusion.

People are very experienced of the backlash to Humanae Vitae - the equivocations of millions of the laity to justify anything they wished to do in that single antagonism they threw as a 'J'accuse' against anything the Vatican pronounced - the abject ignorance of some clergy; who didn't understand the fundamental moral ramifications intrinsic within HV ; and consequently took every measure within their grasp to either uphold or repudiate papal authority - with irrational fallacies on both sides verging upon mendacity and heterodoxy.

Yet somehow amidst all the revisionist furore 'how it all began ?' seems to have been lost - a collective amnesia has ensued regarding the whole issue's origins....
It all started because a little man in westminster said that 'he had all that he could stand, and wasn't going to take it any more'

It was an open secret that conclave 80 in 1958 was the zenith of the northern european power - amidst all the gossip [and the ensuing conspiracy theories] it was well known that the French, Dutch etc had won a supreme ideological victory; and they began to believe that they could manipulate the whole fabric of Holy Mother church into their envisaged image and likeness - it began through journal articles and narcissistic semi-autobiographical 'visions for the people of God' publications - then the NE bishops began to believe all the hype [especially with all the praise and adulation coming from academia and the US] and thought they could say and do anything they wished ; and the "cowardly" vatican would subserviently conform : "bowing to those from the superior intellectual heartland."

They primarily launched volleys along the broadside of the church's morality regarding life and sexuality - they started with homosexuality and euthanasia - but their main thrust was a devious manipulation of certain passages in casti conubii and the allocutios of Pius XII to the doctors and widwives - they started making liberal proclamations regarding use of the pill and condoms - and rome hesitated : reluctant to 'come down hard'; the overwhelming silence or mediocre equivocation merely fanned the flames of the NE bishops progressive fervour and soon the edicts coming from the episcopal palaces became outrageous ! Yet still Rome was reticent to take on 'the heart of the new movement' it was all left to one man to say : "No! I'm not having any of this!"

Why this is forgotten by this country is beyond me ; but it was Cardinal Heenan - outmanned and out-gunned - surrounded on all sides by hostility ; who did Rome's job for them : It was he who took the fight to His Holiness and demanded satisfaction.

Admittedly there still remains the 'conspiracy theory' that Humanae Vitae was composed in such a way as to cause as much furore as possible ; and in the aftermath all the liturgical 'reforms' could be processed without the necessary scrutiny....

...but nevertheless Humanae Vitae is of such fundamental significance [I really wish people would read the thing and realise what it's saying - it has hardly anything to do with artificial contraception - it's our fundamental natural law moral defence against all the prevailing heinous crimes against humanity and sexual authenticity occurring around us on a pandemic scale.

I know I have a slight personal bias in emphasising Humanae Vitae [it was promulgated on the day I was born; and the anti-catholic public ridicule which ensued is the main reason I was defensively baptized as Paul] - but we have Humanae Vitae as a beacon of human reason and authenticity and fundamental moral understanding of the human person and the Godlike graces made manifest in human lovemaking - directly through the strength of character of one man willing to sacrifice everything for the sake of Moral Truth.

I'm not sure if Hume would have been able to do it ; I'm practically certain sweet caramac wouldn't have bothered his bum : But Heenan did take on the fight - because nobody else would ! With little support from anyone around him.

We may have no desire for a resurrection of the Full Heenan of blessed memory ; but when it comes to his moral fibre and unswerving integrity on this single issue - if we had just one among the NCoB who possessed a fraction of it and used it to defy the national sacrileges and travesties and profligacies ; then this island would undergo an ecclesiatical and spiritual revolution never heretofore imagined.


Philip said...

Hume, was a great man for who he was. Heenan was a great man for what he did (in addition to who he was).

Great post - your knowledge and analysis is exceptional!

Anonymous said...

Too long and patronizing!

Ttony said...

Well said! Cardinal Heenan was a much greater man than the image of him which has been allowed to grow over the last thirty-odd years.