Sunday, 7 October 2007

Well ? I'm sorry but I simply do not understand....

The Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth in Swiss Cottage: A catholic hospital run as a catholic charity; founded in 1856 and once run by the sisters of Mercy; Its patron ? Our beloved Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor. Its Legally binding 'Arbiter of Ethics' ? yet again it's his Eminence.
So ? No problem...The catholic hospital being run as a catholic charity with a chief legislator on ethics and ethical procedures conforming to catholicism is the Chief cleric of England and Wales.

Well, think again....
2005 - Cardinal Ratzinger invites His Eminence for a 'little discussion' following reports of abortion referral and contraception provision coming from the hospital. Let us presume that His future Holiness was quite forthright about what his Eminence should do about it !

March 2006 - Lord Brennan completes his report concluding that a New code of Ethics was required to ensure there was no recurrence of said practices.

January 2007 - deadline for new code of ethics to be implemented. The cardinal hesitates: doctors and hospital executives opposed the introduction of the code as it would be 'difficult to implement' and financially detrimental!!!?????

May 2007 - New code of Ethics to be finally 'rubber-stamped'. Rather than this occurring Dr. Martin Scurr , head of the hospital ethics committee decides to lead a rebellion against the new code and demands the expulsion/resignation of the Cardinal as the hospital's patron !!!! he dictatorially informs the hospital board that :
“the hospital will continue as a non-Catholic hospital, with a Catholic heritage, and a new ethics committee will subsequently be formed which must evolve a code of ethics which is acceptable to the secular cadre of clinicians of the hospital.”

[This is English for 'Piss Off Oh man in the Dog-Collar!!! If we want to kill kids or the sick/elderly we will bloody well do what we want!!!' ]

October 2007 - The board of directors decides whether this new code of Ethics will be implemented; and if not then the cardinal will discern[!!!!???] whether this hospital can still be designated as a catholic hospital ?????

Now His Eminence has finally broken his silence over the issue and given an interview to the Catholic Herald . He declares that it is :

"...up to the archbishop to make sure that the hospital adheres to Catholic principles and to do this you make sure it abides by the code of ethics. It can’t be Catholic unless I say so.”

Then before he can breathe:

“Ultimately what the hospital does is up to the board of governors of the hospital,” he said. “If it came to the crunch I would say this is no longer a Catholic hospital but I won’t want to do that. I want it to be a pro-life hospital. It may need reorganisation but it would be well worth it.
“It will be a flagship, a sign of our convictions. It is important to give a sign to society that here is a hospital which will adhere to this particular code. I am putting myself on the side of the acceptance of the code. I don’t want to consider other possibilities and I don’t see why I should.
“If there is a board which wants the hospital to be a Catholic hospital then why don’t we go along that road? There are difficulties which have arisen but it is up to the board to work them out.

“I do think it is important for me to get it right. I want that hospital, which has a very good name, to continue to be a Catholic hospital with a code of ethics which meets Catholic principles. It seems to me that what is being asked is not unreasonable or not impossible to fulfil.” what's that ?

It's his job to ensure that it's a catholic hospital, but it's really the decision of others....

He's the legal 'arbiter of ethics' no court can countermand - but a jumped-up non-catholic bully [technically illegally appointed according to canon law] as head of the ethics committee can tell him to get lost!!!!??

That it has to be a catholic hospital and he will make sure it is; but it will be sad if it chooses not to be one and he won't call it one if it isn't !!!!????

I'm sure our beloved american fellow blogger 'Gem of the Ocean' would vernacularly suggest that he "grow a pair"; but frankly I'm just getting fed up with this abrogation of both responsibility and duty as the principal shepherd of this fair isle....

Your Eminence ; I plead with you ; Get your bloody act together !!!!!


gemoftheocean said...

The combined testosterone of an entire Navy Seal team wouldn't help this guy. I've seen 4 ft. 8 inch grannies who possessed more courage. What would these guys have been like when they were still throwing the Christians to the lions? Perhaps, in addition the physical exam young boys are put through prior to their entrance to the seminary, there should be periodic check ups? There's enough of these guys around to make up an Olympic synchronized swim team. Although, come to think of it, they'd probably drown.


On the side of the angels said...

nice to see you haven't let me down karen x

gemoftheocean said...

Are you kidding? I heard "voices." They said:
"OTSOTA" has a really hot post up you'd want to see and
#2 Go down the hill and get a plate of nachos with cheese, jalpenos and sour cream you've got to leave to get Mass set up and if you don't eat you know how grouchy you get.