Sunday, 9 December 2007

[never posted as I was too ill with flu shortly afterwards] ....Back !!

Been a bit rough recently - what with the eye [still recovering slowly but painfully] and other things. Plus my PC and the blog itself was playing up. But Great news on Thursday ! My best friend's wife has had her breast 'cancer' results through and she's all clear - Was dancing round the room hugging the kids in relief.

Have so wanted to comment on Spe Salvi and Advent and so much else that's happened recently but apparently it wasn't meant to be ; so will try and catch up over the next few days - but tonight I'm 'puggled' ; have laundry to do and dinner to cook ; all the kids have colds and huge clouds of menthol/eucalyptus vapour emanate from every room ; Nicky's at work till nearly midnight and I have to be in work really early because in the busiest fortnight of the year the young newbie staff member has walked out leaving me on my own for the whole of tomorrow morning ; and now my mother has informed me Jonathan needs to be picked up from school tomorrow instead of getting his regular lift [something we've already been without for two weeks]- wouldn't mind but it's a five mile round journey and over the past two weeks the wind and rain has been cruel and merciless - So I'm not exactly in the most charitable mode. I'm so glad that His Holiness published Spe Salvi now; it has been a great source of heart-lifting solace - so regrettable that our Bishops have been silent on one of the most beautiful pieces of work to come from the Vatican in decades !!!!
It hasn't been the most wondrous of years - I'm a bit self- obsessed and still feel disheartened that I couldn't find another job [nobody wants to know !] and money's been tight - we really couldn't afford a car but it was a necessity; and I really wanted to start writing properly this year but the hours turned into days turned into weeks and time just drifted away...I really hope Christmas will be a happy and holy time ; and I'm worried the kids might be a little, well ? They have nowhere near as many presents as their fellow schoolfriends; it'd break my heart if they were disappointed - don't get me wrong the kids are really appreciative; but sometimes they really over-emphasise the gratitude to make mum and dad feel better - they exaggerate the 'wow' factor and they are no oliviers...bless 'em ! Usually I get a little depressed when it comes to December , usually regarding the church and world - but this year ? Pope Benedict really does shine like a beacon of light in the darkness.
Anyway, as St Paul says : "always be thankful!" Here's hoping I'm not so tired all the time next year.

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the mother of this lot said...

Hi! Glad you're back and feeling better. Hope your Christmas and New Year was happy and peaceful. Love Ronald Knox - I am reading 'The Hidden Stream' at the moment. (By the way, I've been hanging around here and other Catholic blogs for a while. Thought I'd better get in on this blogging lark)!