Thursday, 3 January 2008

What we played this Christmas...

The three 'big-hits' this Christmas were:

a] Guitar Hero III [our version was for the Xbox 360 ] - become a rock star - push the buttons on the wireless guitar to correspond with the music and coloured lights on the screen - even with two guitars for the boys the whole extended family were still fighting for a go.

b] Did we watch much tv ? No - instead we were reading this 'how to' guide - utterly engrossing. so much so that when we found out how we could dress a lobster we rushed out and got one [suppose we should be grateful it wasn't 'how to make an atom bomb']

c] Apart from a night playing the QI dvd game [terrific fun ! everyone felt stupid !] ; I managed to get hold of a very rare fantasy boardgame from the early 90s - City of Chaos - it's phenomenal ! It's a role playing game, a mystery, a whodunnit, a game of chance where death or glory depends upon the roll of a die , magic, murder, mayhem, mindless, mystical manifestations to mephistophelean machinations amidst murderous malevolent minions meandering and marauding the marvellous mischievous myriad of mazes - all on a massive metre-squared multiple tiled board where the locations and the entire map completely alter even during the game. The game continues for hours - it's like being a character in a fantasy novel - where anything can happen next - imagine all the best bits of your favourite board games all rolled into one ! The other night Jonathan [or in the game a.k.a. JonoJon Jon-Jon The happy Pixie] our youngest was escaping from a pack of venomous sewer rats and ran into a seemingly benevolent priest with a young lady - little did he know the priest was really an acolyte of chaos about to sacrifice the virgin to his infernal master [obviously Portsmouth diocese (wink!)] thus a murderous assault ensued - after having his life saved by a magic codpiece he slew the foul cleric and the fair maiden rewarded his endeavours with some dragon's breath - an item whch would allow his passage through the invisible door in the magical marble minaret ! Concurrently his brother taking fencing lessons and asking an alchemist the whereabouts of a kidnapped son of a baron and a magic spellbook, while I was fighting zombies in a graveyard ! So how did you spend your christmas night ??? While most people were watching coronation street I had my trusty silver sword and crucifix in my knapsack - fighting vampires !!! great way to celebrate the incarnation !

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