Sunday, 10 February 2008


The New Form of prayer for the Jews on Good Friday ?
I have a Jewish heritage - I'm sorry when it comes to the crunch , and even if our actions have caused some of this ; they deny their Messiah - and regrettably too many equivocate over atrocities perpetrated by Israel; sure they were victims of a Millennium of persecution/expulsion/intimidation/judicial murder etc culminating in pogroms and the shoah - crimes against humanity on such a scale never witnessed before - terrible sins which scar every life and shadow every memory - as a child I knew victims of auschwitz and other nazi atrocities; so I'm not attempting to diminish the evil or terror of the acts.
But do we hear Judaism speak out against secularism in the western world ?
When it comes to life and sexual moral issues the majority are distinctly silent; if not somewhat antagonistic and promotive of abortion/homosexual acts etc.
Some Jewish groups even went so far as to maintain enough political pressure to ensure that in Germany a Lutheran Pastor who compared Abortion to the Shoah was imprisoned . Recently we have been bending over backwards in interfaith dialogue to the extent that we have scandalous misguided statements by Cardinal Kasper et al that we shouldn't evangelise the people of the first covenant - I was given to understand that the first covenant required a recognition of the Messiah lest it crumble to naught ? Every time we make a move towards reconciliation and integration on grounds of congruency or similarity ; we are ultimately shot down in flames by the persistent denunciations from official Judaic quarters of 'Not Enough' !
I'm sorry but I'm just getting a little fed up with all the compromise and 'sensitivity' only coming from one direction. A blogger I recently read stated 'Catholics should listen to Jews' : I should appreciate a little reciprocation.

Rowan Williams on Islam ?
I am as mad as hell.
Any chance christianity had of requesting extraordinary exemptions from the law in certain regards [e.g. gay couple adoption, ability to not employ actively homosexual individuals in sensitive positions, catholic pharmacists not being compelled to dispense abortifacients, ditto catholic doctors refusing to proscribe contraceptives/abortifacients etc, discriminate taxation [where we no longer pay taxes promoting the culture of death,sexual immorality or nuclear weapons/wars] ] is now dead in the water !!!
All because this so-called cleric opened his mouth to appease islamic sentiments hostile to an English law which provides equality for women and prevents violence and injustice against them !!
The man is insane - has he any idea what he has done for his own agenda, let alone the moderate islamic one ???
He has scarred christianity in this country irrevocably.

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Anonymous said...

Exactly my thoughts. With the anti-Christian govenment that we have who do you think will bear the first legal fruits of the backlash?