Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Calling Dr Ray....advice for any parent

The kids were overtired yesterday after a weekend at their Grandparent's/Aunt and Uncle's [Mine and Nicky's first weekend away together since they were born !!] and Monday morning bore the brunt of the tension - screaming , teasing, upset, frustration, threats and a modicum of violence - as their mother was a work in the evening it fell to me to set things right and implement some discipline etc .

I already had a migraine but worked through it spending hours discussing the state of affairs with them, howthey should act and treat each other, the potential consequences and how to prevent recurrences of 'flashpoints' by 'giving in', 'walking away' and temporarily 'biding one's time regarding an injustice' [i.e. wait till a parent gets home to sort out difficulties - not thumping a sibling when they're out of order]

I've just been reading the excellent 'White stone name seeker blog' [please, I implore you to read her recent postings regarding the education system and its anti-catholic agenda]
and the name Dr Ray Guarendi was mentioned....

any parent should listen to this clinical psychologist and father of 10 ; a voice of sanity in the wilderness....


the mother of this lot said...

I've seen him a few times on EWTN. I like him!

WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

Paul, thank you for the kind words about my blog; and I am happy to have found another Dr Ray fan.

Hope you had a lovely weekend away together. We are planning one (but we'll have to take the bairn) for our 20th Wedding Ann in May; can't wait!

God bless