Friday, 22 February 2008

'Catholics'[???] for a Changing Church- The Enemy Within [Continued]

Chesterton said that when faith is lost, reason is soon lost as well. Once liberal Catholicism gets a grip on a mind its critical faculties seem to be rapidly eroded. So although CCC seems to have an answer to everything, the answers don't actually cohere together....

A Nasty Bunch - Cumulative IQ of a rubber plant , the moral compunction of Countess Elizabeth Bathory, the veritable 'chocolate cafetiere' of progressivism, as welcome as amoebic dysentery, as useful as wax oven-mitts...wouldn't know what Vatican II really was if it bit them on their...well?

One could dismiss this bunch of deluded buffoons if they weren't such conspirators with the culture of death ; and enemies of an authentic catholic understanding of Love -personified in Christ. They desperately need our prayers and a bucket of ice-water over their heads....

Read more about the debacle at the Catholic Action UK blog:

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