Friday, 22 February 2008

Come on My Lord...This sort of bullying aint on...

The first serious battle over the traditional Latin Mass has been fought in the diocese of Brentwood, where Bishop Thomas McMahon first banned parishioners from holding a Sunday Mass using the pre-Vatican II Missal – and then decided to grant permission for it.

The problem is that his permission was neither sought nor necessary. The parishioners of St Anthony of Padua, Forest Gate, followed Pope Benedict’s rules to the letter when they arranged for a weekly Mass in the extraordinary form. The parish priest, Fr Dennis Hall, was happy; so was the diocesan archivist, Fr Stewart Foster, who was going to say the Mass every week. The Latin Mass Society (LMS) was delighted. Not so the bishop.

At the end of January, Bishop McMahon “indefinitely postponed” the Mass while he explored the provision of the traditional liturgy in his diocese. Hmm. I don’t recall anything in Summorum Pontificum about bishops being able to cancel Latin Masses arranged by a parish. In fact, removing their power to do so was the whole point of the Pope’s apostolic letter....
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