Monday, 18 February 2008

Frightened of your collars my Lords, Fathers ?

The prefect of the Congregation for Religious has lamented that many Catholic priests are neglecting their duties under the pressure of conforming to secular culture.

In a February 14 interview with the Italian ANSA news agency, Cardinal Franc Rode said that priests today tend to be less obedient to the Church and more responsive to the world. He cited reluctance to wear clerical dress as a symptom of this trend.
“A drift towards bourgeois values and moral relativism are the two great dangers that weaken religious life," said the Slovenian cardinal. "The biggest problem today is the climate of secularization-- present not only in Western society but also within the Church itself.”

Cardinal Rode said that young people continue to hear God's call to a vocation in the priesthood or religious life. But he suggested that a lax model of priestly or religious life is not likely to encourage vocations. As evidence the cardinal pointed to the young Catholics who are attracted to contemplative life in highly disciplined religious orders. "They are attracted because it is a radical life choice," he said.

Think he's being a little specious ?
Well take a look at the ludicrous reprehensible National Conference of Priests of England and Wales website

Although saying that , there's arisen a perverse fetish for men in clerical garb which the vatican is not helping with the publication of the calendrio romano - which has inadvertently become as popular in gay quarters as the naked french rugby players in les dieux du stades - Certain gay hiv/AIDS charities are on the record of stating the irony that they sell these calendars !!!! When One thinks that Anne Widdecombe and Julian Clary both own editions of it for completely different reasons ???
Terry Nelson's wonderful Abbey-Roads 2 blog also discusses the clerical clothing issue

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