Sunday, 24 February 2008


We Knew it would come...
I think most of us imagined a nightmare scenario in the future where some fascistic or trotskyite totalitarian regime would begin its assault against Catholicism....
Instead we have the 'liberal' agenda of secularism ; nowhere more prevalent than in government offices and its quangoes who seek to annihilate this 'fundamentalism inherent within catholicism'. Of what exactly does this 'fundamentalism' comprise ?
Well let's have a look :

a] That the killing of the unborn , the eugenicising of the mentally and physically handicapped, the euthanising of the elderly or terminally ill or those in 'persistent' vegetative state via starvation or refusing to treat easily curable illnesses, that the piercing of the heart of those premature children who are not killed by the abortion process ; that the consumption of poisons and hormones which ensure a fertilized ovum be deprived of the opportunity to implant , or chemicals which induce labour upon the non viable foetus , the production ,violation and destruction of millions of embryos in the laboratory - that all these practices are not treated in a 'neutral light' by catholicism . Determining these as belonging to a 'culture of death' is now considered 'fundamentalist'.

b] That sexual relations should occur within an exclusive committed loving relationship ; that adultery, pre-marital, extra-marital and merely mutually masturbatory activities are intrinsically harmful to the self [especially on a psychological and emotional level -let alone physical or social] and our interactions with our neighbour . That the objectification of other human beings [via pornography, prostitution and the seeking of masturbatory gratification in sexual activity with those where there is neither love nor resolution for commitment] i.e. treating Humans as means to an end....that this is wrong ? Well this is fundamentalist !!!

c] That the contraceptive principle - the denial of the inherent natural functions within human lovemaking - and all that it entails [see above and include every destructive sexual mores or act that destroys and prevents life one can think of] is in someway disordered from the way things should be ? Well this is now deemed fundamentalist.

d] That the belief that Jesus Christ was actually the Second Person of the Trinity, God Incarnate, who lived, taught, suffered , died , rose , ascended and sent forth the Holy Spirit and instituted the One , Holy , Catholic and Apostolic Church with Peter at its head...and that all other religions, although reflecting aspects of truth via universal divine revelation ; do not contain the fulness of Truth - The Person of Christ - made manifest in His Mystical Body the Church - and where these faiths divert from the authentic morality and doctrinal teachings of the Church they are in error . Yep this is now fundamentalist !!!

e] That believing in this - one actually acts upon those beliefs - and attempts to live according to those beliefs , and refrains from performing, excusing or promoting those actions which are contrary to this belief ? Well you've guessed it - this is tyrannically fundamentalist !!!

f] That believing in this so much that one wishes to transmit this truth to our children from the earliest age to ensure their whole lives are blessed and graced with an understanding , stability, security and a communal sensibility - this is now considered reprehensibly anti-multicultural, verging upon psychological child-abuse, and in the eyes of some secular humanist groups ; the worst possible moral evil - the very notion of a 'catholic school' is to this modern sentiment - beyond fundamentalism - it's pure evil [just listen to people like Johan Hari, Richard Dawkins, Evan Harris , Mark Steel , Marcus Brigstocke - look at academia - listen to the vituperatively hostile comments from the scientific, governmental , health, education and quango communities !!]

So they have finally placed their cards upon the table....
No matter how friendly, co-operative, caring and efficaciously competent we are in our enacting of the corporal works of mercy ; no matter how resourceful , capable or beneficial we are to society....
We are the enemy !
...and the only possible way we can ever be considered as part of 'the grand solution' rather than as a significant aspect of 'the problem' - is for us to become 'catholics in name only' !!!

Well at least now we know where we stand..and in some small way I think we should be grateful to these people for being sincere enough to tell us they hate everything we stand for . They , in their pursuit for progress in this New World order of liberal democracy where 'collective' human rights subsume anything antagonistic to it [ the notion that Human beings are created in God's image and not the other way round is their main opponent], need to sweep their way clear of anything detrimental , antagonistic or diammetrically opposed to their agenda .

That happens to be us.

A New War ? Of course not - we've been at war with the Prince of this World for two millennia now - well it's not exactly a war because he lost on Calvary ; well technically he lost before it ever started; and lost by starting it...but when before did he ever have such deluded allies ?

This is merely a resurgence of hostilities - we may not realize it at the moment ; but this is really only a beginning...we don't want war - me merely wish to love ; as we are commanded to do ; but this love has consequences - a price - and loving our enemies could be the reason we have to fight them ?

Ah might be cool and kinda 'romantic' to live in 'interesting times'....

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