Friday, 29 February 2008

Hey don't forget - Last Day to Vote !

Come on Ladies and Gentlemen ;
there are many catholic bloggers who exert a lot of thought, time and energy into constructing their blogs - some receive little if no recognition or appreciation for all their hard work and efforts. Go on, spend a little while searching around the peripheral blogs nobody mentions - and if you like what you see make it known ! Go on - Vote !
Even if one extra person clicks on that link it can make the world of a difference - a few weeks ago I wasn't even getting 5 visitors a day and now I'm averaging around forty [sure it may not last, and I have other renowned bloggers to thank for the boost in visitors by linking to me] but just think what a difference a single nomination would make for the lonely isolated blogger ? We all know who's going to win - Fr Z and the big american blogs - so please today 'waste' a vote on one of the little guys and gals - and maybe you'll find it's the most valuable piece of waste you've ever encountered !!!!


the mother of this lot said...

Guess who I nominated?

Anonymous said...

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Gotta like this site!

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