Sunday, 10 February 2008

I don't bloody believe it - he's done it again !!!!!????

I was away this weekend [more later] ; but as I was in a minibus returning home from London I missed radio 4's sunday show - so had to wait for the ' listen again ' feature on the website.

[this is the selective link and will not be available until the Monday update -wouldn't wish to force the whole programme on all of you]

Our Cardinal's done it again !!!???

What exactly ?

Well take a wild guess - he's invited to comment on one thing the church opposes; and by the time he's finished he's equivocated and compromised to such an extent he ends up saying the exact opposite !!!
That using contraception leads to an increase in infections because it provides false security for all involved but really it's a woman's choice if she wishes to use it to prevent infection !!!!????

What next ? let's go the whole hog - let's ask him to comment on the Trinity while he ends up arguing for modalism ; or why not get him arguing for the divinity of Christ and end up adoptionist ??? Let's hope that when he retires from Westminster Richard Dawkins hires him as a publicist - he might just start advocating catholic orthodoxy !!!!??


Anonymous said...

Oh dear! Cringe!

Kate said...

Is this what happens when our church is said to have finally arrived in the "mainstream"?Is this gradual and pitiful disintegration of belief (and obedience)the price for a long coveted acceptance by what may be seen as a peer group in these isles? The primacy of unity over truth?