Monday, 18 February 2008

If only he were a Trappist ???

Now I have a great deal of respect for the charitable work and campaigning of Peter Stanford...especially regarding the mentally ill and the elderly.

But regrettably that is where it stops - otherwise I detest everything the 'catholic' [???] commentator and author writes and says - his camp , banale , scurrilous, unhistorical, immoral, heterodox , scandalous, vitriolic inanities get on my thrupennies....

Today's 'Beyond Belief' on Radio 4 was no exception [if ever a programme had a bitterly ironic name it is this one - the opinions on it are incredulous ???] - I spent thirty minutes just screaming for Mr Stanford to just stop...stop talking, stop everything...just stop !!!!!
You can hear what I mean using the 'listen again feature' - but I should warn you to keep away from sharp objects lest you feel the urge to throw oneself upon them in desperation for the cringeworthy, embarassing , outrageously offensive and ludicrous comments to cease !!!


gemoftheocean said...

Hey kiddo! Glad you like Cole Porter, and thanks for the correction on the Kiss me Kate/Connecticut Yankee thing -- I meant to check that before I posted and didn't -- thanks for putting me to rights.

I found a nice cole Porter tribute on youtube that I posted just for you!

[Cole is one of my all time fav. lyricists: clever, smart and funny and when he was "on" there was none better, including Ira Gershwin et al

Anonymous said...

No I couldn't face it!