Tuesday, 19 February 2008

John Kearney goes for Oona's jugular....

....and who can blame him ?
My bloody fantastic mate is Headmaster of a London Primary school ; and it's running him into the ground...he's expected to do so much - run the finances, employ the right people, ensure the curricula and the child-protection provisions are airtight, teach ,liaise with all and sundry; and although he bears all this with no complaint ; if anything, I am certain the archdiocese and the CES don't help with their directives and initiatives and new programmes....anyway here's this from John :

Would you like to be the Headmaster of a school with a special and distinct catholic character. Oona Stannard Chief Executive of the Catholic Education Service is on the hunt for talent. Apparently there are not enough teachers coming forward for Headships so a DVD is being issued. I have no doubt that the success of Catholic Education will feature somewhere in the DVD. The question unfortunately is would you like to work with OOna Stannard in her role of destroying faith and religion in Catholic Schools which Oona and the CES do so successfully. Such is the high quality of service coming from the CES that after four generations we now have over 90% of children attending our Schools Catholic in name only and with religion almost absent from their homes. To this Oona will take the remaining 10% and fill them with such a love of God and the Catholic Faith that if there is two left going to Church by the age of 16 we are very fortunate. Yet the CES still carries on from disaster to disaster.

School Advisers are appointed who are little more than cheer leaders "Are we not doing a wonderful job". Mention doctrine and you will be told that is the business of the parents and they know full well that the parents know as little about the Catholiv Faith as they do. When there is next a collection in your parish for the CES keep your money tightly in your purse or your pocket and do not contribute to failure. There are, thank God, a few great Catholic Schools in this country but they teach religion almost in defiance of the CES. If you really care about the Catholic Faith and its restoration then you need not apply to Oona, she will not have you.

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