Tuesday, 19 February 2008

My Soul Clings to You ; Your Right Arm Holds Me Fast....

O my Jesus, give me wisdom, give me a mind great and enlightened by Your
light, and this only, that I may know You better, O Lord.

For the better I get to know You, the more ardently will I love You, the sole object of my love.

In You my soul drowns, in You my heart dissolves. I know not
how to love partially, but only with the full strength of my soul and
the total ardor of my heart.

You yourself, O Lord, have enkindled this
love of mine for You; in You my heart has drowned forever.

My heart is languishing for God.
I desire to become united with Him.
A faint fear pierces my soul and at the same time a kind of flame of love
sets my heart on fire.

Love and suffering are united in my heart

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