Friday, 22 February 2008

One Cheer for His Eminence....

For Years people have been outraged at the antics of the governing board of the St John and St Elizabeth Hospital.
His Holiness, while still a Cardinal, dragged His Eminence Cormac Murphy-O'Connor over the coals because of the scandal of abortion referrals, morning after pills etc etc etc
Now the subsequent events resembled a pitiable Whitehall farce - which , to be crude but apposite - usually resulted in the Board telling His Eminence to 'stick it where the sun don't shine !'
With an indecisiveness worthy of Hamlet ; we were told one thing was going to happen, while another diammetrically opposite state of affairs resulted; our poor cardinal was bullied, demeaned and made to look a laughing stock - the board threatened, ridiculed, calumnised the archdiocese ; meanwhile the Unborn perished.
'Sack the bloody lot of them!!!' was the cry from many quarters [including this blog] ; It didn't happen.
Then on Tuesday His Eminence finally did the right thing - They're all gone !!! [this includes a few with many strong links to the high and mighty]
Now I can believe that His Eminence underwent a lot of pressure to not do this - and it's going to make him highly unpopular among some of his progressivist associates...
But finally he fanned the embers of the remaining [but rapidly waning] hope we had in him...and did the right thing ; and for that he deserves our gratitude.
But how many Your Eminence ?
How many ? [and you know to what I'm referring]
While you hesitated, meandered, pondered, 'discerned'....
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WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

So one cheer-very quietly offered.
Many tears, very quietly shed.