Sunday, 24 February 2008

Place your bets....

Well Paddy Power has started taking bets for the See of Westminster again...
Vin's now taken the lead at 2-1 , but why in the name of all sanity ANY of the 6-1 candidates are in the running is beyond me ???? And if Cormac's blue-eyed boy Rochey gets it ? [well to be honest I think Joan Chittister or Vlad the Impaler would have more chance after the way this crowd have been acting towards His Holiness and his policies]

Nobody really shines out - I know people adore Dom Hugh Gilbert and the only reason Aidan Nichols isn't an axiomatic choice is his health and his lack of administrative experience.....But I'm going to be utterly naiively idealistic and hope that some "diamond in the ash" is discovered by his Holiness and brought out of the shadows to work the Lord's wonders for us all....

Rt Rev Vincent Nichols 2-1 (7-2)
Dom Hugh Gilbert 4-1
Rt Rev Kevin McDonald 6-1 (5-1) (7-2)
Rt Rev Alan Hopes 6-1 (11-2)
Fr Timothy Radcliffe 6-1 (10-1) (6-1)
Bishop William Kenney 8-1 (15-2) (6-1)
Cardinal Pell 12-1 (10-1)
Fr Aidan Nichols 12-1 (11-1) (5-1) (6-1)
Rt Rev Arthur Roche 12-1 (10-1) (12-1)
Rt Rev Peter Smith 12-1
Archbishop Michael Louis Fitzgerald 14-1 (12-1) (10-1) (12-1)

Rt Rev Patrick Kelly 14-1 (12-1) (10-1) (12-1)
Rt Rev Bernard Longley 14-1 (12-1)
Rt Rev Michael Evans 20-1 (16-1)
Bishop Patrick O’Donoghue 20-1 (16-1)
Bishop George Stack 20-1 (16-1)
Fr Christopher Jamison 20-1
Bishop John Rawsthorne 25-1 (20-1)
Bishop John Patrick Crowley Non-runner (33-1)

Thanks to Ttony of the Muniment Room for the updated figures....


Ttony said...

Bear in mind that Paddy's book tells us who people are betting on and how Paddy is trying to attract people to bet. The odds on Archbishop Kelly (for example) are there simply to persuade sentimental scousers to put a few quid on "their" Bishop, even though he has no chance at all.

Archbishop Nichols is the obvious favourite: he didn't get Westminster last time because it was decided that he would be kept unsullied by the "clerical abuse" storm, whereas MO'C, having some previous, wasn't going to attract anything he hadn't attracted previously.

The low price of the Abbot reflects Paddy's worry that the rumours which came out in the Catholic Herald might be true and that they might be in to lose a lot if he were to "win".

But none of this has anything to do with whom the Pope will choose. Here's a thought: Aidan Nichols' ill health will rule him out of selection as Provincial of the Dominicans when they meet shortly to elect a new one. The man who will choose the next Archbishop of Westminster suffered a stroke in his seventies.

On the side of the angels said...

I know - that's why I said the axiomatic ; not that it wasn't a distinct possibility - I admittedly have some reservations - I worry about the Maritain-infected analytical thomism ; the slight distortions of perspective of von Balthasar's teachings to make it more conformist to "radical orthodoxy's" agenda rather than our own ; I worry about his closeness with the 'merry england mob' [Puginista/Newmaniacs] and the romanticising of our history in this country ; and sure he has an agenda for 'what needs to be done' but there's very little on the 'how'....
I like him...I just wish he was more chestertonian and less waughian...

the mother of this lot said...

Well, I fancy the Abbot myself. (Not literally, obviously).

I'm praying ttony's right about Archbishop Kelly having no chance - he made a pig's ear of Salford.

Ttony said...

And, mother of that lot, how swinish and earish was that pig's ear! Ask me to tell you the story of (Chief Constable) James Anderton's reception into the Catholic Church one day!

OTSOTA: we can't afford to disect the beliefs of those who are in the right into Maritain-infected analytic Thomism (capital T) and hope for Chestertonian versus Waughian, unless we are prepared to get Nicholls or Hopes.

"What do we want?" "A Catholic cardinal!"

"When do we want it?" "Now!"


"What do we want?" "A Cardinal who, while faithful to the philosophy which underpinned the understanding of the Fathers who attended Vatican II and voted for its decrees, would understand that many of the faithful are - today more than yesterday - unconvinced that what is described as the "Spirit of Vatican II" really expresses what they were tring to do."

"When do we want it?" "At such a time as the Holy Father and Cardinal Cormac come to the prudential decision that the right successor is in place to ensure continuity in what has become the tradition of the Church in England and Wales."

Let's pray that the Pope can be as Papal in determining the Westminster succession as he has been in writing a new Good Friday intercession.

the mother of this lot said...

The Pope's done OK up to now. And ttony - tell, tell!

Anonymous said...

Hopes is greatly underrated, his appointment would certainly be a black eye for the CofE. But where is the candidate who combines intellectual stature with grit, determination and the will-power to overcome post-Worlockianism?

On the side of the angels said...

bit hard to under-rate someone I wouldn't rate at all...
Said more than enough; sorry.
I worry about analytical Thomism, the same way I wory about the scotist /spinoza-ism and the almost metaphysically stoic approach of the Faith movement - there's a lot of dodgy theology and bad science pervading as an holistic approach