Thursday, 21 February 2008

The Sins continue...You couldn't invent this ???

I rarely comment on any of this - The whole issue sickens, repulses and terrifies me .

Prepare to be chilled to the bone:

This isn't the first incident of its type of which I am aware....

It's just that after all the grief , pain and irreparable harm these clerics have done to catholicism over the decades ; you would think that openness and integrity would now be a major priority .

I know it's a terrible thing to suggest - but I think it's time His Holiness actually started taking the authority for investigations away from dioceses and into the hands of a 'beyond reproach' utterly independent group of, for want of a better word : Inquisitors !

It's only a few days away from the 10th Anniversary of the Murder of Fr Alfred Kunz - a Priest who definitely knew too much of the diabolical underside of our abusive [and from personal experience I know - many are involved in satanism and the formation of a 'gay mafia' or sexual mutual protectionist groups] clergy; and became a victim by getting too close to those involved . Matt Abbott has also written on this case elsewhere on the linked site . Pray for all sinners , but also that God's will be done.....pray for all priests and those sinful predatory clergy who destroy clerical lives through blackmail , vindictiveness etc; as well as all the laity scarred through their occasions of sin.

We need to eradicate these diseases , this rot, before it's too late....