Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Take a stand now against the HFE Bill

What is the 'Passion for Life' campaign?
Passion for Life (P4L) exists to raise awareness of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology (HFE bill) which is currently going through Parliament. P4L opposes the parts of the bill that would further devalue human life, and will vigourously lobby politicians to vote accordingly.

Throughout the site you will find info on the bill, what the Government is planning, and what you can do about it.

Contact them for any further questions you may have info@passionforlife.org.uk

, and see the 'Web Links' page for further useful info, including links to lobby groups, as well as the current progress of the bill. Check back daily for ongoing updates and latest news.

P4L Campaign objectives

P4L opposes the further devaluing of human life through the HFE bill

P4L opposes the creation of Human/Animal hybrids

P4L will oppose any amendments to the law that will have the effect of
making abortion easier.

P4L will propose amendments to the law that would have the effect of
making abortion rarer.

P4L opposes the removal of the 'need for a Father' from law, as proposed
by this bill, for any child resulting from IVF treatment

P4L opposes increased use of embryos in stem cell research, especially
where alternatives are available.

P4L believes there should be a national bio-ethics commission set up to
regulate the bio-tec industry

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