Sunday, 3 February 2008

This is no longer a slippery slope...

...This is more like a vertical drop
Imagine ethics as a lift - and modern ethicists together with pragmatic relativistic politicians and social manipulators and quango directors - have simply cut the lift cable - plunging us all into oblivion....
It was only a few years ago that we were all inundated with guarantees that surrogate motherhood was not the thin end of a wedge - that we wouldn't be buying and selling children as commodities - as means to an end , rather than as ends in themselves...Take the legislation from 2002 regarding surrogacy and the conditions for payments:

Surrogacy is only legal where the conditions of a Parental Order are met;

• At least one of the Intended Parents is domicile within the UK from the time of the baby's birth until completion of the Parental Order process
• The Intended Parents are aged at least 18.
• At least one of the Intended Parents are genetically related to the baby (this means by their own egg or sperm, no other relationship is acceptable).
• The Intended Parents must be married to one another.

It is only in these circumstances that the arrangement will qualify as surrogacy and therefore expenses be allowed.

If you plan to help an overseas couple, then you must abide by the law. The law states again that no money should change hands, the IP’s should remain in this country once the baby is born for, a minimum of 10 weeks.

Remember this was the law - and we had dozens of guarantees from the HFEA and the government and that old Baba Yaga Patricia Hewitt ; that this is what would be implemented... I think these people live on the principle that if you're going to lie , you might as well tell a whopper !!!!

Now I NEVER read the Daily Mail ; but this is what is being reported : [H/T to Fr Ray Blake]

Surrogate mothers could be given up to £15,000 of Health Service money to have children for gay couples, it emerged yesterday.
An NHS trust is considering funding the service for infertile couples - whether they are heterosexual or of the same-sex.

If the proposals are approved, the Health Service will pay for IVF cycles and the expenses surrogate mothers are allowed.
Bosses at North East Essex Primary Care Trust have already discussed the issue at board level.
A report presented to directors said: "It appears that the majority of applications for surrogacy to be funded on the NHS stem from heterosexual couples, but consideration would need to be taken for any homosexual couple or single person who wished to become a parent through surrogacy.
"There are more extreme scenarios to consider, such as the husband or parents of a dead woman applying for surrogacy to provide a baby using the dead woman's embryo."
The trust is waiting on a further report before making a decision next month.
Critics warned arranging payments sets a dangerous precedent.

I have another question:
What happens if the couple split up mid-surrogacy ; and neither desire custody ?
Will this baby be aborted ? Will the mother be forced to abort on the grounds that the child is the property of the state - and the people involved do not want to pay the CSA child maintenance? There are dozens of hypotheticals which have simply not been considered !!!!

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