Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Whoops - Sorry - Completely forgot about the quiz....

Utterly remiss of me to not print the answers : Sorry to everyone ; will reprint the questions here and give the answers tomorrow [when I've remembered them [blush] ]

The word quiz was invented in 1780 by a Dublin theatre manager who made a bet he could introduce a new word into the english language within 24hrs.
Come on Dudes, Dudettes and Non-Dudally Specifics. I lay down the gauntlet...get those little grey cells gyrating. No, seriously you're going to need to google. This is very, very tough.

1. Who coined the word "Dude" ? [duds with attitude] [you'll be surprised !]

2. The Y stands for Yoshida, but where do you find the Y ? [clue: three letters ; and men are less likely to need help looking for it]

3. MacDonald's had to withdraw a promotional football [soccer] world cup item during the nineties beause it was offensive to Allah and outraged Muslims - If another country was involved it would cause the same problem to Jews and Christians - which country ?

4. In England in the eighteenth century what highly unusual form of unworldly insurance could be taken out [Hint : You could possibly claim it if you went to Norway]?

5. What is highly unusual about subtracting four from any square number ? For a bonus point what is special about 142,857 ?

6. Pity Me , Blubberhouses, Wham, Ireland , Nasty, Tiddleywink - What am I doing ?

7. What links William Blake, Sir Winston Churchill, John Lennon and William Roche [Ken Barlow from Coronation Street] ?

8. [you'll need a map for this one] True story : I went on a journey from where I lived to buy some bread - I saw washington in the distance ,but didn't want to go to warsaw, so instead I passed through corsica and st petersburg ,I got splashed in paint that didn't stain,went through clay that didn't get me dirty ,I missed victory, travelled to and away from center , watched prospect pass by in the distance and I looked backwards to see forwards - valencia was minutes away due south - where was I ? [Hint : My friend's ancestor was remembered ahead and if you've seen stigmata you'll know where it is but I know David Bowie was right because I've seen it from where I stood ] ?

9. Unlike Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism etc ,The Todas religion of Southern India hasn't spread very far across the world - why ?

10. Why would the french ever: "go and take this old whisky to the fair-haired judge smoking the havana cigar" ? For a bonus point what has Tom Sawyer to do with this ?

11. For Judy Garland it was horses, Princess Margaret - dolls, Ernest Hemmingway - telephones, Queen Elizabeth I - roses ; so why didn't Alfred Hitchcock obtain a driving licence ?

12. Oliver Cromwell banned it on Sundays ; Indians rioted about it in 1978, Americans campaigned to stop doing it in 1909 , but forced the japanese to do it after world war II, and guidarello guarderelli's memory inspired five million - what ?

13. Flop , Jaws, Sniggerer and Wombat greet each other on Christmas day - where are they ? For a linking bonus point what connects Dame Barbara Cartland, Basil Rathbone, General Colin Powell, President Richard Nixon and Tv presenter Adam Hart-Davis ?

14. What links the great seal of the United states with the flag of the Phillipines ?

15. Why is the chinese word for 'trouble' not exactly politically correct ?

16. What is unusual about the Book of Esther ? And in the same vein the Acts of the Apostles ?

17. So the wacky 19th century legend goes - When Herod's troops were hunting down the Christ child - the holy family had to hide in a doorway to rest overnight - spiders wove a web over the doorway and the northwind froze it solid - and the soldiers on horseback passed by, oblivious to them .... What symbolizes this event at christmas ?

18. Latin and the Periodic table don't have one - but if a stellar object is discovered between the 1st and 15th of May it has to have one, Pirandello introduced it to Italy , if it's a precious metal and made in Hamburg it has to have one, it's the nickname of the psychedelic 3,4-methylenedioxy-alpha-ethyl-phenethylamine. What is it ?

19. A set of Dante questions :
a] The Horse is linked with which sin ?
b] Which sin was punished with being immersed in freezing water ?
c] Which Sin was punished with being broken on a wheel ?
d] Who is the Demon of Lust and marital discord ?
e] Leviathan the Demon Snake represents which deadly sin ?
f] Satan represents which of the seven deadly sins ?

20. Who said "These are silly actions worthy of inexperienced children." ? And to what was he referring ?

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