Wednesday, 27 February 2008

You really couldn't invent this...

a French blog, received an email from a reader who took his
children to visit the Basilica of Saint Denis, near Paris, where the kings of
France are buried. The blog writes:
He was surprised by the brochure entitled "Tour of Discovery for the Young":
First, on page 8, he read: "Dagobert, the first king buried in Saint-Denis.
[...] A contemporary of Mohammed, Dagobert was King of the Franks from 629 to
Then, on page 9, [...] "In the Bible we find the story of the Angel Gabriel,
the very one who would bring the Koran to Mohammed, who announces to Mary, a
young girl engaged to Joseph, that she will soon give birth to a son named

It seems that Christianity is being explained and taught only in relation to
Islam. It is as if young people in France can only relate to Christianity
through references to Islam

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