Monday, 24 March 2008

A Belated Response.

A few weeks ago Fr Z made a clinical [and deservedly] scathing
attack on Richard McBrien's disgusting remarks regarding reception of communion according to the sentiments of the pre-conciliar church . McBrien stated we were now equals with the clergy by standing to receive, we no longer kowtowed by feeding ourselves etc etc etc...
I wanted to 'freak out' and rip the catholic commentator to shreds; but was reticent to as I would have probably burst a blood vessel ! Anyway - here's my version of a response:

A couple of months before his death Bishop Fulton J. Sheen was interviewed on national television. One of the questions was this:

"Bishop Sheen, you have inspired millions of people all over the world. Who inspired you? Was it a Pope?"

Bishop Sheen responded that it was not a Pope, a cardinal, another bishop, or even a priest or a nun. It was a little Chinese girl of eleven years of age. He explained that when the Communists took over China, they imprisoned a priest in his own rectory near the Church. After they locked him up in his own house, the priest was horrified to look out of his window and see the Communists proceed into the Church, where they went into the sanctuary and broke into the tabernacle. In an act of hateful desecration, they took the ciborium and threw it on the floor with all of the Sacred Hosts spilling out. The priest knew exactly how many Hosts were in the ciborium: thirty-two.

When the Communists left, they either did not notice, or didn't pay any attention to a small girl praying in the back of the Church who saw everything that had happened. That night the little girl came back. Slipping past the guard at the priest's house, she went inside the Church. There she made a holy hour of prayer, an act of love to make up for the act of hatred.

After her holy hour she went into the sanctuary, knelt down, bent over and with her tongue received Jesus in Holy Communion, (since it was not permissible for laymen to touch the Sacred Host with their hands.)

The little girl continued to come back each night to make her holy hour and receive Jesus in Holy Communion on her tongue. On the thirty-second night, after she had consumed the last and thirty-second host, she accidentally made a noise and woke the guard who was sleeping. He ran after her, caught her, and beat her to death with the butt of his rifle. This act of heroic martyrdom was witnessed by the priest as he watched grief-stricken from his bedroom window.

When Bishop Sheen heard the story he was so inspired that he promised God he would make a holy hour of prayer before Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament everyday of his life. If this frail, little child could give testimony and witness to the world concerning the real and wonderful Presence of her Savior in the Blessed Sacrament, then the Bishop was absolutely bound by all that was right and true, to do the same. His sole desire from then on was to bring the world to the burning Heart of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful post & many thanks for your kind comments on my blog. Yours rocks too!!

MaggieClitheroe said...

This is so moving. May I pinch it for a post on my blog?
Happy Easter to you.

WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

What an amazing story. There are so many children in heaven, unnamed here on earth who wear the martyrs crown.
I have 'Catholicism' by McBrien. I have kept it as a warning to myself of where I have come from-and where I must never return.