Thursday, 20 March 2008

Crisis in Priestly identity ?

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The implication is that our clergy have a dearth of testicular fortitude ; when I think it's more the case of requiring a spine transplant and an intravenous conscience.


Mikky Finn said...

Come of it, Paul. Some of the fey types you post on your blog from time to time look as destitute of testicular properties as the picture you've posted to reinforce your comments.

On the side of the angels said...

actually I posted the pic because it's almost the spitting image of a romanian friend [ex orthodox seminarian] who even though a husband and father now is one of the most priestly people i have ever known...
secondly - grow up !
You know exactly to what I was referring - the overweight pasty effeminacy denounced in the link is not necessarily being an emasculation [how many have we known of that ilk who have run off with the local headmistress or church organist ? ] - I was saying it was more a mere exigent rash to the disease of pragmatic indolence of body, mind and spirit - not exactly indicative of carpenter, fisherman or shepherd ??