Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Did you watch it ?

The programme has gained some plaudits from a few bloggers - but it frankly annoyed me somewhat - yet again the narcissistic tendencies of Rageh Omaar subsumed what could have been a deeply more informative documentary - there was nothing mentioned regarding the pollen [evidence of springtime jerusalem, constantinople and mesopotamia], the formation of the linen , the presence of vanillin, the possible pilate lepton over the eye - there could have even been a little more time spent emphasising the absolute impossibility of it being an ochre painting or a 'urine' photo or a statue scorching

You can still see it on BBC Iplayer for the next three days

but I'd also advise you read some more sites - there are many out there ; plus it's one of the sceptics favourite 'bones of contention' so there are hundreds of websites seeking to disprove that it could have anything to do with Our Lord [you can look for those yourselves]- they spend ages trying to disprove it to the point where their arguments turn to enraged ranting about its impossibility because it HAS TO BE IMPOSSIBLE!! It gets quite funny at times....

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