Wednesday, 5 March 2008 end to my Geeky teenage days.

Gary Gygax , inventor of 'Dungeons & Dragons' has died aged 69.

I distinctly remember having a quite bitter argument with my old parish priest

regarding the 'occult dangers vs it being 'good communal fun and hokum' ' to the extent that I'm almost certain it was he who destroyed my old rules books for the magical role-playing game; fearing for my very soul !!!

if only he'd read the material he would have realised the utterly benign nature of the almost naiively innocent game of casting sleep spells on wandering orcs, rescuing princesses from cunningly trapped fortresses , slaying the black dragon firing foul-smelling acid that dissolves a paladin's shield.

hours of fun and friendship ; imaginations running wild...the only harm this game could ever cause was definitely not within the game itself or the mind of the deviser - but solely from people of ill will who never understood the nature of playing it.....thanks for making my teenage years a bit more bearable Gary; millions thank you.

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