Thursday, 13 March 2008

Government 'takes the P' with POD...

But His Lordship Stood firm and did well.

Thankyou My Lord for your steadfast faith and refusal to compromise; as so many of your brother bishops regrettably have.


Fun With Formal Ideas. said...

Thanks for this video. Not quite the ideological slaughter which some people on both sides of the debate were expecting or for which they were hoping. It was quite interesting in parts and I feel showed faith schools, in particular Christian schools, in a favourable light.

Here's a tip; never take seriously the angle of crusading jounalists. The term journalist does not necessarily imply professionalism, skill or an ethical stance in a person, only that have written for a journal.

Psiomniac said...

No 'ideological slaughter' and I didn't see any 'secularist Torquemadas' either. I did see Bishop O'Donoghue attempt the usual theist cheap trick of equating secularism with moral relativism though. Mind you he made a reasonable attempt at sanitising the Church's policy to weed out from school libraries books it considers unsuitable or critical of the Church's teaching.