Sunday, 2 March 2008

Guess Who's Jumped in at 10-1 ?????

Our very own Father Timbo ! The Blackfen Bonaventure !!!
He is now on the Paddy Power stakes for the next Archbishop of Westminster - Well done to the continuous hermy-newt!!!

Or is it commiserations ?

Could you imagine ?
within hours of a real priest taking over there'd be civil war ???

How many would be swept away in Finigan's wake?

Who'dathunkit ????
All we need next is to get Fr Ray Blake in the running too; that would mean the gloves were well and truly off !!!


Anonymous said...

If Fr Finnegan was appointed Archbishop of Westminster there would be civil war in no time. As for Fr Blake, God forgot to give him a brain and there would be civil war in a week. Both are their own inventions.

WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

I only know Fr Blake from his blog-but I think personalities do shine through a blog, if for no other reason than we can hide behind a computer so the 'real' us tends to leak out because we are off guard.
I really like him and respect him.
I would hate to see him at Westminster because I think it will be a horrible mess for whoever gets the job-but I do think we need someone genuinely holy and HUMBLE in the chair and he seems to me both.
He doesn't come across as unintelligent to me; not sure what anon means...