Sunday, 16 March 2008

In Defence of the Right to Dream...[a repost]

As there have been more than a handful of controversies recently regarding the classification of both films and video games ; and even though I agree with the majority of concerns ; I really do hope we recognise who the real enemy is ; and that we actually fight the right battles - we should be defending the vulnerable on positions of principle - never merely on taste. Hence this repost.

A lot has been said over recent years regarding the menacing threat of Video Games.
I concur wholeheartedly that some are little but reprehensibly disgusting, debased, obscenity. Some are terrifying and are definitely older teen/adult games which instill nightmare !!
But please do not tar everything with the same brush : please do not solely allow your children to only play desensitised saccharin , mind-numbing repetitive childish games which suck the life fom them....
Give them the chance to dream - for their imaginations to soar into the wonder that's out there in the field of gaming - you need only look - tell them they can stand on tiptoe and they'll reach Heaven. You don't believe it can inspire ?
Just look at this and see if you don't have a tear in your eye by the end ?

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