Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Is Evan Harris the most...[expletives and derogatory comments deleted]

He's a...
He's got to be...
He's just....

"Doctor Death"* is at it again...Not only does the 'Catholiphobe' Lib Dem M.P. appear to be conspiring in an agenda to euthanise and abort anything that moves ; just take a look at this [various sources ; H/T to Catholic Action UK]

'Pro-life groups who offer advice to women facing a crisis pregnancy could be made to register with the UK Department of Health Register of Pregnancy Advice Bureaux. This suggestion has come from Dr Evan Harris MP, a well-known champion of abortion. Pro-life advocates says this would compel counsellors advising pregnant women to tell them where they can get an abortion.

[Something as a matter of conscience they could not do, and thereby be compelled to close !!! P.] ...The Department of Health already 'warns' women about pro-life agencies. We must expect the attacks to intensify in future.

Comment: legislation could require everyone advertising pregnancy advice services to comply with a code of conduct, including an obligation to inform women about how to get an abortion. Such a requirement would shut the advice centres down, as it would be impossible to offer advice without making oneself an accessory to abortion. This is what the DoH already says:

There are a number of organisations advertised in phone directories and on the internet offering free pregnancy testing and counseling. Some of these organisations do not refer women for termination of pregnancy. We would advise women to check this before making an appointment.

NB under NHS rules only registered centres are able to 'refer' women to abortion clinics, in NHS-speak (ie book them in). This comment is accordingly ambiguous: are women being warned off independent centres because they don't advise abortion, or because they don't have a contractual relationship with the NHS?

Remember too that the major source of post-abortion counselling comes from Pro-life agencies; hopefully preventing clinical depression and suicide [ Remember Emma Beck R.I.P. ?] How many more deaths does this man want ?

"First do no harm" Doc !!!

If there is anyone on this planet who is desperately in need of our prayers it is this gentleman. I have no idea in what way he's been hurt or what's made him so angry ; remember too his terrible time having to endure the slow death of his partner; but why is the man so obsessed with death ? His mind must dwell in some terribly cold , lonely and desolate place....

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WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

It seems to me that in order to become any kind of MP these days you have to have to be as morally invertebrate as a slug.
It's time to get out the salt!