Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Please Vote !!!

I am quite disappointed and shocked that many familiar names around us have not been nominated in categories which they truly deserve to have had a representation.

NOT FAIR !!! There are certainly a good few blogs out there I would have definitely nominated had I contemplated they wouldn't get a nomination - I honestly thought some of them would be axiomatic !!!!

I must admit I nominated certain more obscure and less famous blogs which I thought might not receive a nomination - and I can only apologise to friends in the blogosphere - I repeat this was not the way things were meant to be....and for those who didn't nominate - Slap legs !!!

I also feel quite embarassed to admit the majority of names of those nominated I have had to ask: "WHO ???" [I know - shame on me - but I have investigated and I must admit I get the impression some are less catholic and more obsessed temporarily with "Hillary's Evil and Obama's Evilerererer !" - but most are quite inspiring and informative]

Anyway, please vote ! Maybe if some UK blogs got a reasonable amount of votes the US bloggers might pay us a little more attention ? Hands across the Ocean ?

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