Thursday, 6 March 2008

Schadenfreude ? Or Innocent laughter ?

The kids love this episode ; but Nicky simply cannot watch it - she says it makes her cringe - "it all has the grim inevitability of a greek tragedy". Napoleon gave a great deal of consideration while choosing his officers to how 'Lucky' they were....
I think we all know individuals/families who seem to have more than their 'fair share' of either good or bad 'luck' ; and sometimes the comment 'God only sends us the crosses we can bear' can seem a trite platitude....sometimes tragedy or the wrong kind of success can appear to 'ruin' people's lives irrevocably.
From personal experience I don't wish to comment on the tragedy ; but regarding the 'unlucky' disasters - the breakages, the flooding, the explosions, the accidental loss or destruction - these have been the times I have actually grown a little and been able to not only take myself very seriously, but laugh at myself and the situation...I have a very childlike sense of humour [when the University checked my EQ they discovered my slapstick violence sense of humour was off the scale - My biggest laugh ever was during a Laurel and Hardy film.... Is there something 'sick' about laughing at others misfortune or are we laughing with the inner comedy of the entire situation ? Anyway enjoy this more wacky episode of Frasier : The Innkeepers.

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