Friday, 14 March 2008

Some people are so talented... cannot help being green with envy - just take a look at this ! Yes it's a cake shaped like a cello - made by a teenager . Small wonder Chairman Mao killed off all the geniuses first - they are so capable I think if they wished they could move mountains - they're so wonderfully dangerous !!!

Some people have more than their fair share of talents. Whether it's pure chance, or genetics or bloody good nurturing I do not know ; but the little experience I've accrued over the decades seems to confirm that to those whom much is given; life demands a lot from them.

Then again...talent is only the spark, the fire needs fuelled with disciplined training, practice and that love of life and all its adventurous adversity to make anything fruitful [I'm mixing metaphors - told you all I was a bad writer !].

How many of us, through laziness , or fear, or all manner of equivocations ; shy away from even taking a first step to attempt either something new or try out a potential talent ? How many of us have given up after the first hurdle ? How much has been lost by our hesitancy or narcissistic reluctance ?

I'm not suggesting everyone should go out tomorrow morning and try rock-climbing or start reading quantum physics to attempt to find a grand unified theory ; or take up the tuba and compose a symphony in A minor ; but come on dudes, dudettes and non-dudally specifics - let's not always shy away from something new - who knows what God has truly graced us with ?

Yet heaven forfend we arrive at those pearly gates and St Peter says:
'What were you doing ??!! you were supposed to be a...[insert as applicable] ?'

Woe betide us if we bury our talent away in a field.

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