Tuesday, 25 March 2008


The time has arrived to make things absolutely clear:
It is now no longer possible to be a catholic and belong to Gordon Brown's cabinet ; if not government : and this exactly the way the 'movers and shakers' in the 'New' Labour Party, in the media, in secularist academia and pressure groups - want it !

Let's face up to the facts :
We're the enemy !

Take for instance the General Medical Council yesterday - it has now ordered all GPs - irrespective of their conscientious objection - to conspire with abortion in such a way that it would be virtually impossible for them to remain authentic to their religious principles :

Not only this : Last week the GMC stated that any conscientious objection of a medical practitioner regarding
life-issues MUST NOW BE STATED via posters and information leaflets - axiomatically this must mean that those with a mobile remit must have to wear a badge ? or maybe a sticker ? or perhaps have 'anti-choice' branded on their forehead ????
Redolent of Jews being compelled by Nazis to wear a yellow star !

How soon before catholics are simply banned [i.e. being placed in impossible dillemmas] from being or training to be doctors ?

and while we're at it , don't forget the little piece of legislation that's coming onto the statute books very soon [via the back door of quangoes] whereby supervised chemically induced abortions will be performed in EVERY surgery - Dawn Primarolo has already stated the success of the pilot trials at two undisclosed locations.

we've already heard this week the diabolical figures regarding the use of abortion as a form of contraception :

Lloyd's pharmacy's 'ethical'[???!!} guidelines have ordered that all pharmacists must refer any customer wishing to procure the morning-after-pill to another pharmacist willing to give them the abortifacient - something a catholic could not do without compromising their very faith !

How soon before a catholic is intrinsically forbidden on grounds of their faith from being a pharmacist in this country on grounds of governmental impositions which would compel them to conspire with murder ?

But what more can we expect ?
When the Council of Europe is now expected to make it Illegal on grounds of 'Human rights' to have any legal limits on abortion:

Bishop O'Donoghue underwent severe scrutiny last week under the excuse that catholic Schools were socially discriminatory - when we all know that the underlying motive is the ongoing assault upon the argot and catholic principles within catholic schools which seek to promote a pro-nuclear family and pro-life and MARRIED sexual responsibility.This is merely the beginning of hostilities against us...

How soon will it be before government guidelines order mandatory 'morally neutral'[???!!!] teaching in all schools regarding gay sex and abortion ? Schools are already under mandatory guidelines to teach all manner of forms of 'safe sex' and forms of contraception/abortifacients - we have sex 'education' which teaches anything except responsibility and self-control- it takes very little for this to be pushed into other arenas -
so how soon will it be before catholic teachers in catholic schools are banned by governmental edict from teaching catholicism ???

- we already have foster parents being banned from fostering for holding 'homophobic' opinions [i.e. they were unwilling on point of their religious faith to equate homosexual civil partnerships with heterosexual marriage]

Albeit this ruling was overturned after a media outcry - But...
How soon will every catholic be banned from fostering and adopting on grounds of their religious faith being 'bigotted' ???

How soon will it be before it is illegal to compare abortion to murder and genocide ? [as it is now in Germany - we need only refer to the Lutheran pastor imprisoned for comparing abortion to the holocaust !!!] http://catholicactionuk.blogspot.com/2007/07/european-threat-to-catholics-free.html

How soon ?

We already have Richard Dawkins , Johan Hari, Polly Toynbee, the National Secular society and a vast array of others

denouncing the teaching of catholicism to children as a form of intolerance, homophobia, bigotted fundamentalism ; that it's dangerous to sexual and psychological health ; and is ultimately child abuse !!!

...and then we have today - Gordon Brown is now on the record as saying that ministers and MPs can exercise their conscience where it's ineffectual ; but they have to tow the party line when it comes to the second and third readings of the bill - OR ELSE !!!

Now let's look at the HFE bill - without going into the detail that other bloggers have done so well - let's merely look at the reaction.

The HFEA has already granted licences for laboratories to create chimeras and animal/human hybrids - BEFORE the legislation is merely waved through in parliament. So we must surely be aware that this is already a 'done and dusted' issue - the same way anything the HFEA has wanted to do over the past decades has been allowed - this will happen ! Sure we can fight and pray and write to our MPs and protest until the cows come home - it doesn't matter - even if the bill failed in parliament - it would still happen through some behind the scenes watering down of the legislation or some apparently insignificant subclause which ostensibly forbids something but essentially allows it - think of the 1967 abortion act leading ultimately to abortion on demand even though it categorically opposes that principle . Please make no mistake - all the scientists wish to do they are already doing - and nothing will stop them - especially a bunch of ridiculously loud-mouthed and ill-informed stuffed shirts and blouses in Westminster.

Alan Johnson, Dawn Primarolo, Polly Toynbee and Lord Robert Winston and many many other social commentators and columnists have not only said that we were wrong by opposing the bill , and consequently vindictively cruel and heartless in denying hope to the sufferers of genetically-related diseases - they have called us LIARS !!! They have stated categorically that we are not just standing by our principles through ignorance - No, rather we are LYING about what the bill entails.

This is the message :

Catholics are not only cruel , sexually repressed, misogynistic and a bunch of medievalist haters of science and progress ; they're all hypocrites if they're not paedophiles, alcoholics, abusive nuns or sadistic christian brothers they have all manner of evil bigotries and prejudices etc etc etc - not only are they homophobic ,they're murderers of millions in Africa don't you know ? - they forced those people not to have condoms and that's why millions die of AIDS]

They aren't followers of the message of Jesus - it's all been twisted by the vatican and tyrannical irish clerics or bullying nuns - if they're not all like the crusaders, the spanish inquisition, the bloodthirsty IRA, or the murderous Mafia , they're all conspirators in it and therefore hypocrites - they're duped and brainwashed by the vatican. If they aren't Torquemada's bitches they're Ned Flanders-like lapdogs....

Catholics aren't 'christian' - they care nothing about religious tolerance and inter-faith dialogue - they have no desire to consider that there is any equivalent validity in other religions...they merely wish to dominate - to usurp - to impose, to disenfranchise, to indoctrinate, to suppress, to oppress,to tyrannise....they may speak of peace and love so why are they so argumentative and dogmatic and hateful !!???

catholics are a terrible amalgam of right-wing fascist and pinko commie liberal ; and in either sense it is always siding with the most oppressive and anti-human rights faction ;

they can never be trusted....

in ths secularist humanist world - if there is anything that represents injustice, intolerance and is utterly antagonistic to the 'human individual with rights and dignity' - it is exemplified in the despicable phenomena known as catholicism - it would be valid to say 'catholicism , from a wordly secularist perspective - is the only evil !!!'

Only catholicism forces a woman to have their unwanted child, only catholicism prevents men who love men and women who love women from fulfilling their sexual desires for each other ; only catholicism prevents a teen sexually fulfilling themselves ; only catholicism prevents a divorcee finding love in the arms of another; only catholicism forces the unborn disabled and handicapped to be born and thus suffer with their parents in the ignominy of being pitiably different from the collective; only catholicism prevents the terminally ill from being put out of their misery; only catholicism is totally unwilling to compromise....and that's why it must be declared the enemy !!!

catholic MPs cannot be trusted - invariably when it comes to the crunch they are always 'the honourable member for Vatican East' [Independent letters - today]

not only that ; these catholics - they LIE about everything - this HFE bill is about hope and love and respect for the suffering of the sick and dying - and catholics are its enemy - don't believe anything they say - Cardinal O'Brien lied !!! Dawn Primarolo told us so on PM on radio 4 this Evening - everything catholics say about it is a LIE !!! http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/news/pm/ [click listen again]
And for all you Tories out there - please do not think this is all indicative of being under the iron heel of the red marxist menace - anyone heard what David Cameron said last week ?

How soon before something is done about these evil catholics and they are either rounded up and incarcerated for their own good ? or sterilized for their own good ? how soon before catholicism is banned outright ? and catholics be declared 'enemies of the state ' - indeed of humanity itself ?


MaggieClitheroe said...

Well put, Paul.

gemoftheocean said...

I second that - well said. In these times when I come across items like this of what is really the persecution of Christians, the line "bella premunt hostilia" comes to mind.

WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

The persecution is coming back - the propaganda machine is in full swing and has been getting worse for some time. Pray and be ready.

Psiomniac said...

I think you are getting a bit carried away there.

Anonymous said...

You are a retarded spaz, you know that right?

I am so glad that people like you are slowly dying out.