Tuesday, 4 March 2008

We Have a Problem - So Who does the Government ask to help and advise ? The ones who caused the problem !!!!

On Monday, the Department for Children, Schools and Families issued the following press release. 'A review of the delivery of Sex and Relationship Education (SRE) in schools was outlined today by Schools Minister Jim Knight and Minister for Children and Young People Beverley Hughes. The delivery of good SRE is crucial in keeping young people safe and healthy as well as helping to bring down teenage pregnancy rates'.

The Department went on to list members of the steering group which will help undertake the review. The Brook and the FPA are represented, as is the Terence Higgins Trust, the Sex Education Forum, a school nurse manager, and the chair and three other members of the TPIAG. (TPIAG stands for Teenage Pregnancy Independent Advisory Group. The ten strong membership of this 'independent' group which was 'set up to advise the Government' includes the Chief Executive of Brook and the Chief Executive of the Family Planning Association.). The 'balance' on the steering group is supplied by an Anglican minister and a Methodist minister, the Director of the Catholic Education Service [see below - we all know what she's like .P.], and an equalities advisor from Brighton who represents Muslim interests. Consultation with young people is an advertised feature of the review, to be achieved by including three members of the UK Youth Parliament.

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